Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bowtie Mandatory

I feel such a warm welcome, being a new contributor to Bloke. I am a young and opinionated business owner, fueled by fashion, hair, and music. I would call my taste " classic alternative", if I had to give it a genre. I hope my posts are found interesting, useful, and a positively different point of view for Bloke.

I draw inspiration for this first post from a related post I did in my own personal fashion/lifestyle blog : www.tmelong.tumblr.com

Let's face it - any man of style or of a fashionable mind either has, needs, or wants (maybe even secretly) a bowtie. Personally, I rock a bowtie both formally and in-formally. I feel like how I do this may need it's own special post ;)

I am really into the look lately - I like mixing a classic, well groomed look with my alternative demeanour. I like the contrast - I feel kind of cheeky being covered in tattoos and wearing a bowtie. I won't lie.

While searching for various sources on the article, I stumbled upon what could be my next addiction: http://wickhamhousebrand.com/

Wickham House is a husband and wife team based in Florida, that make CUSTOM, yes, CUSTOM, bowties, and various other men's accessories. They make most of their products by hand, which is cool, and the prices are alarmingly reasonable. A custom made bowtie for $35 US? Yes, please. You can also order pre-designed ties. They have various categories based on material, size, etc, and even have a "Bowtie Of The Month Club", which I clearly need to join.

Fine craftsmanship impresses me, and I am so pleased that they take what they do seriously enough to do it by hand, do custom orders, and keep their pricing at such a reasonable point. I will definitely be looking into more items from Wickham, and I suggest all you fellows check it out.

Whether you get a custom made piece, or pick one up for $15.00 at H&M, I say go for it. Get a solid. Get a print. Wear it with a nice shirt and blazer, or casual it up with a button down and cardigan. Either way, they are huge right now. Don't miss out.

Don't be afraid of something a little different. Try it out.

Questions? Get at me!

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