Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wasteful Outfitting

It is Christmas Eve, and I am in the woods. It happens to the best of us.

While packing for my overnight parental stay, I thought to myself, "Is there even a point?"

It is not like I live in the mecca of fashion or culture where I live normally, but I take pride in putting myself together well. When putting my bag together to come spend a night with my family in the country, it was honestly harder to do than packing for a trip to the city, a show, or an event. I felt like I didn't want to "waste" a good outfit on being in the back woods with my family, but then I came to my senses and realized that you need to dress for yourself as well as others. I refuse to let myself go just because I am chillin' with people in holiday sweaters and winterized Crocs. Clearly I can't sway everyone. Also - I just went shopping, and I need to break everything in.

In my new Ben Sherman overnight bag (which I thought to myself, I might as well use a Sobeys bag...Hahaha) I put in some slim fit dark wash jeans, 2 flannels, a square cut silk tie, a cardigan, and leather slip ons. I came to the realization that even my family kind of expects some sort of fashion extravaganza from me, so I better pull it out. I feel confident in my holiday wear. Good for photos, comfortable. No, it isn't D&G 2012, but it is better than a sweater with a polar bear on it, like my Dad is currently wearing, God love him.

I guess what this made me realize, is that you really do, always, need to do things that make you happy. Do it for yourself. I think too many people dress for others, wear labels for status, and don't care enough just because no one "important" will see them. If I am going to be in the woods, you are damn straight that I am going to look fantastic.

Rock out your Holiday wear tomorrow, boys.

Happy Holidays!

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