Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cuffing Debacle

When asked to write a post about the cuffing of the pant, I guess it never occurred to me that some people questioned it, really. Lately I have been cuffing like my life depends on it, and for once, not over thinking it.

There are both fashionable and functional reasons to cuff, I will begin with the first.

Runways, celebrities, models - so much cuffing on the men’s wear front recently. Whether it be a full on suit, sockless, with cuffed pants - or a tshirt with chinos and flip flops, it is everywhere in fashion. Sometimes, what is “in style” is so easy to achieve.

Am I a huge fan of a full on tuxedo with cuffed pants? No. Actually not at all. Am I a fan, though, of going sockless with a suit and amazing shoes? Absolutely.

Not everything needs to be over thought or difficult. As I have said before, you should never look like you are trying. How embaressing. Be aware of this while cuffing.

I live in Atlantic Canada. Sometimes cuffing is out of necessity. Right now, I am personally mixing the two. I don’t want to wreck the bottom of a great pair of pants because of the salt and snow. There is NOTHING I hate more than the look of frayed, wet, disgusting pants. Give me a break.

I bought some practical and stylish boots - when I cuff, it shows off the boots and the pants look great also. Win win. I also have been cuffing and just wearing a slip on or a loafer for a more casual look, sometimes with a colored sock to spice it up. It is all in what you are comfortable with, and how much you cuff. I do not recommend, however, (if you live in a cold climate), to go without socks. You will look foolish. For all you warmer climate habitants, go for it. You would probably look foolish with socks on.

On to the most important part, as I am sure you were wondering - how much to cuff!? Well, to start with, make sure the pants you are going to roll are the correct length for you initially, so that when rolled up, will look correct. Choose a slim fit or a skinny fit. Obviously you can not cuff a boot cut.

Sidenote: Please do not wear bootcut anything.

Personally, I usually rock the double roll. I find that one roll sometimes seems to flip down. I enjoy the look of either. For jeans, I would say one roll. It looks a little more undone, and more on season. Clearly this goes for pants as well. When the seasons change and you are seeing more chinos and khakis, I personally enjoy a double roll. All in a matter of taste, really.

Sidenote #2 : It is so amazing when you have worn the pants cuffed enough times that it is nice and flat and worked in, like it was meant to be.

If you are wondering what you might pair with a cuffed pant, I understand. Sometimes it feels weird with certain articles. If you feel strange, don’t do it. Chances are if you are feeling out of place in your outfit, it is because you are.

A cardigan and t-shirt looks nice and casual. Throw on a hat or accessory of some sort if you are that kind of guy. Plaid or flannel, my personal choice, is easy and is fairly on trend with the look. I am sure no trend will ever get me fully out of plaid. If you want to dress it up a tad, a dress shirt totally works as well. Throw a tie and a cardigan over it, and you have a whole other look once again. It depends on your style, personally.

If you are new to it, and want to do it strictly because it “looks cool”, just go ahead and do it. Chances are once it is “out”, you will roll them back down like nothing ever happened. It really doesn’t look over done if you keep it casual and fresh.

If you are doing it for function, and doing it often, just make sure the pants fit really well, and that you don’t cuff them half way up your leg. That is definitely not needed. Always make sure you are wearing clean, stylish footwear and you are set!

As I said before, I am a fan. It is all in what you like, and how you want your image to be portrayed. Change it up, and have fun. It is only a cuff, you can always undo it!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!

Note: Credit to the random guy in the photo I found on the web. Lookin’ sharp!

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