Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Trend - Colored Denim

Lately, colored denim has been a huge trend for the ladies. Thankfully, it has merged over to men’s wear, and it is growing in popularity.

From bright neon hues, to a more subdued look, colored denim is going to be huge this spring for men, and I am really feeling it.

When something first hits the market, I never usually love it. This happens to me all of the time. People think I am harsh, but really I am just critical until I decide if I want to commit to liking a new trend. Trend-whoring is painful, and I hate when people do it. Like something before you love something, you know what I mean?

I just purchased my first pair of colored denims. They are a slim-skinny fit, and they are a dark maroon with a brown undertone. I am a fan. They look great with any color scheme, which is crucial. I didn’t want to dive right in and get canary yellow just yet. Maybe I never will. The right kind of person can pull of the neon denim, and I don’t know if it is me. I am tall, large, and I am mildly stimulating to look at without even trying to begin with. It may be overkill.

If you are going to wear colored denim, keep it simple.

Personally, I am definitely incorporating my current love for all things plaid with this trend. A plaid shirt with colored denims look great if they are in the same palette, or are neutrals. For example, my maroon jeans would look great with a black/grey plaid mix, or a brown. Something that has brights in it may look a little too loud for every day wear. Be careful not to over do it. If you look like you are trying to hard, it probably is because you are.

If you are going to wear neon colored denim (yellow, red, blue, green, etc), make sure to keep the corresponding outfit extra simple. Basic shoes, a t-shirt, and that is about it. A solid colored hoodie works with both looks as well if you need a little bit of outwear for mornings or evenings as well.

Where I live it is still quite cold. I am not on this yet, but when warmer weather comes, cuffing your colored denim is absolutely necessary! I love the look of a cuffed pant, and colored denim is no exception. Rock the cuffed look with some simple canvas shoes, a t-shirt or lightweight spring button up, and you are good to go! How easy. Depending on the weather, cuff up to 2 rolls, but never more. Don’t roll your pants up until you create shorts. Just buy shorts, please.

They are so “on trend” right now, you can find colored denim almost anywhere. Some affordable brands to look at for this right now are Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, and Joe Fresh. I am sure there are many more higher end options out there or fantastic quality, but in my opinion, if you are a man this trend is not going to be in forever. Don’t cash in your life savings and bring all of your old, classic denim to Good Will. It is a “look”, and as I have said before, less is more. I would say 1 - 3 pairs of colored denim is more than enough for an entire seasonal wardrobe.

Then again - I don’t know you though, and you aren’t me. Do as you will. All I can do is guide you in the right direction.

If you have any questions, or would ever like to contact me, feel free!

Thanks for reading!

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