Sunday, March 18, 2012

V-Necks VS. D-Necks

I will begin this entry by saying that, respectfully, I have made up (unless it was used before this), the term “D-neck”. Of course, this is short for “Douche Neck”. You may like this, or you may think I am an idiot. It wouldn’t be the first time that I endured this fate.

I realize that my taste is different than others. As you can probably see by now, aside from the odd avante garde, I have lately been a fan of the classic indie look. The last 2 photos show a perfectly fine and dandy, classic V-neck. The first 2 photos are of overdone, unnecessary versions of D-necks.

I have been a fan of the V-neck before it was the hot new thing. I swear. I have never been big on being choked out by what I am wearing, so it was always my favourite option. I remember, as a kid, stretching out my crew necks. Maybe I was starting a trend as a 7 year old and didn’t even know it? Fantastic.

If you are going to wear a tee, a V-neck is a great, comfortable, and now very trendy option. Whether on it’s own, or under a button up or cardigan, try to keep it simple. Personally, I am a fan of a solid color. They will go with everything, always be in style, and will not phase out. Purchase 1 or 2 striped or printed options for when you want to change it up, but other than that keep it classic.

A V-neck should be in the shape of a “V”, clearly, and should be enough of a slope that it is noticeable. What bothers me most about the douche version, is that it really is a glorified version of a crew neck. They are made for people who don’t have the balls to wear a real V-neck, and even though they may laugh at our necklines, they are the ones that look like idiots. Let’s get real here. Do it - or don’t do it at all. Just wear a crew neck, and save me the trouble of assuming you are a bro. Don’t be a bro.

In photos 1 and 2, you see prime examples of what I have deemed a D-neck. Embroidered logos, metallics, and other various unnecessary tidbits turn a perfectly good shirt into a bad idea. I just think that tees are made to be simple, and should stay that way. Taking a trend like a V-neck and running with it is great, so don’t over do it with add ons. You really don’t need to, and will impress people more if you do not. - Send me a message if you have any requests or anything at all, really.

Thanks for reading, and keep stylin’!

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