Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As usual, I've left the gushing over gooey gowns to others for this Oscar season, as my inner, deeply entrenched film nerd takes over every late February, taking advantage of the weakened state of style in minus 20 degree weather, and everything covered in ice. Nevertheless, and possibly due to global warming, my fashion sense thawed at the appearance of a certain English funny man on the Red Carpet.

But Damn! That is a fine suit!

Comedian Russell Brand, accompanied by his mother, revolted against the Penguin Look for something a little cheekier. While other fashion critics may be calling it a step over the line, Brand's distinctly Brit sensibilities are a refreshing injection of modernity to a famously conservative-in-manner show.

Honorable mention to the always dapper Christopher Nolan's standard Fellini two piece and tie... but then again, he's always dressed that classy.
Source IronMuffin