Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Buttoned up and still cold"

The gods of the Canadian winter have finally arrived in the Atlantic capital city of Halifax, and though it's been said that you must suffer for fashion, who ever said it first probably didn't consider -25 below C, with a wind chill.

Suffer for Fashion - Of Montreal

And while the casual survivor wear would work a treat during the frigid months, they're damn boring to look at during an already bleak and gray time of year.

Also, they cost more than my Xbox 360.

Luckily a mall isn't really a mall if it doesn't have a proper shirt-and-tie mens wear store, the internet is boundless, and vintage (read: used) shops always have one or two (or if they're really sharp, many more) fine looking, winter wind resistant classy jackets that will leave you warm and styling, even as the world freezes around you.

(Hats optional)

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