Monday, December 12, 2011

Before we get a-going this week...

I'd like to shout-out to the lovely ladies at Fashion Me Fabulous for who continue to have the grace and patience to put up with my life long marathon race away from deadlines. Today's FMF is sweet and simple, but of absolute necessity to be said as Paris, my most capable editor, put it;

I tried to slough off most of high school the moment I graduated,
but some styles you just love. They enchanted you when you
were developing your style and you still gravitate to them now.

For me, it's the trainers/jeans/suit jacket look that I fell head over heels in love with while a very impressionable teenager wandering another Paris, taking in as much culture as he could before being thrown back into rural Ontario hum-drum and clothing-by-necessity. Some call ti lazy. I call ti a terrific place for a starting line.

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