Monday, February 6, 2012

Men's Accessories - Take 1: Bags, and other appendages.

I am going to try and do a series of posts relating to various areas of men’s accessories. Initially, I was going to write one fluid post, but came to realize that the world of men’s accessoriesh as grown significantly and that I can not condense it all into one.

I start with bags. Whether it be a messenger, a smaller satchel, an over the shoulder, a duffle, or basically a straight up purse - it is becoming more common for men to carry bags. Personally, I have for years. I never really fully understood how people travelled without them. I mean, I know women put their entire lives in their purses, which is absolutely not necessary, but men must need things as well? I know I do.

I do not want to see every single man walking around carrying a bag - it definitely does not suit everyone. They are usually outfit dependant - that is why I stick with something classic, and of course, black - my color of choice for mostly everything (other than plaid). A good introduction to owning and carrying a bag is the “messenger” type of bag. Generally big enough to fit , say, a laptop, some books, etc., they are the most discrete option to carry a bag, and not have it look like you are carrying a bag - if you know what I am saying. They hold a lot, look masculine, go over one shoulder, and easily come in leather and matte solid colors. They pass off easily and don’t get too much questioning. They look professional, yet still give you the joy of carrying around whatever you want.

Right on, I kind of have a “tote” style bag, that zippers closed. Essentially, it looks like a tall bowling ball bag, and works great. I can either carry it or put it on one shoulder, and it holds a ton - and I mean a ton. Not that I ever fill it though, because that is not necessary. It is black suede, and wears well. Just wipe it off when it is dirty, I feel comfortable throwing it around, and it is not too “purse” like. Just because I know all are dying to know, I will tell you what is in it.

Deodorant. Wallet. Business Card Holder. Mints. Pen. iPhone (when it isn’t in my hand). Magazine. Keys. Earbuds.

That is it. I do not have 100 things in it. What I wonder, though, as I said before - what the hell would I do with all of those things without a bag? I guess I have just grown accustomed to it. When I go to work, I also put my full lunch in there, and usually whatever else I need to bring. If I am just running into a store, I usually bring my wallet and leave the bag behind, but, the functionality of it exceeds itself. I was never concerned if I looked silly carrying a bag - I am all about functionality lately.

Now, do not start carrying around something that looks exactly like a purse. Don’t use something that is overly detailed, has anything dangling off it, and don’t flail it around. The purpose of a man carrying a bag is for function, not initially for fashion. You want it to be stylish, yes. You want it to reflect your personal style, yes. If you want to stick with that “easy and cool” kind of vibe, though, keep it simple.

I am sure I will be rocking a bag for a while. I have grown used to having all of my things with me. It doesn’t bother me, really. It just seems like another appendage.

The bag pictured above is a tote style bag made by Burberry. If anyone would like to purchase this for me, I won’t say no.

If you would like any more photos or info, feel free to contact me.