Sunday, August 9, 2009

Burn your pants

Back from summer vacation sporting the hottest red sun burn orbiting a star can give, only to find that all bets are off

"Meggings" have returned.

And doesn't he look excited to be wearing them?

Fascinatingly, although a google search drew up a great many opinions about meggings, not one helped in finding somewhere to buy a pair (a fate worse than death for one who can't even sew a button).

Indeed, meggings hold a peculiar mystique in the world of men's fashion, residing in the same uncanny valley as kilts... pretty cool for an idea, but a bit too fem for the average dude. Anyone who's seen the grey concrete of a side walk would find themselves surprisingly familiar with meggings already, as the multitude of joggers and cyclists passing in "why so tight?" athletic wear seem to increase exponentially every summer. But confined to sport, they have a reason for invading the world of guys, as easy to explain away as swimmers shaving their legs.

Removed from this masculine logic, they become a stylish Bermuda Triangle, intriguing and seductive, but mysterious and deadly, luring young lads in with the promise of being years a head of the trend game, only to slam shut at the last second, forever lost to a world of Cosmanics, like manscara and beard gloss, never to drink beer and play full contact football in stripclubs again.

Image care of the beautiful people at Style Sightings

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Jael Paris said...

I like his shorts and shoes, but the meggings look like he's wearing knee pads. And must all men's fashion that does not come before women's fashion take a separate, manly name? Hundreds of years ago everyone carried purses. Now guys carry "manbags" or "murses". As a woman, I find that language trend a bit insulting.