Monday, August 3, 2009

The Importance of Shoes

Friday, during a long train ride, a saw a guy get on the train wearing a straw hat, check shirt and cuffed, dark-wash jeans. It may have been a simple look, but compared to the rest of the slubs on the train wearing cargo shorts, sneakers and t-shirts that looked like "free gifts with purchase", the outfit looked good. That is, until he moved to sit down. That's when I saw his shoes. Crocs.

This is the importance of shoes. The outfit was clean, casual and smart, but the shoes ruined it. I've been thinking all weekend about how many different and better pairs of shoes could have kept that look together. Paul found the perfect ones yesterday when he wrote about these Sperry Top Siders (also mentioning the importance of shoes. Paul, you read my mind). Comfortable, summery, good for walking around the city--these shoes do everything Crocs do, only they look good doing it.

Cuffed Jeans, Levi, $98
Straw Hat, Village Hat Shop, $18.95
Terracotta Check Shirt, Land's End, $19.99
"Do" Boat Shoe, Sperry, $80

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