Monday, January 18, 2010

H&M Selling Skirts for Men

A friend posted this on his Facebook page and didn't seem too keen on the idea of skirts for men (outside of the traditional kilt). And gauging by the media attention it's receiving, a lot of people are a little surprised by it. My friend also queried if any ladies would be seen on a date with a guy in a skirt. I, being a lady, responded with a "yes." A guy with a strong enough sense of personal style and with the confidence to wear what he wants in spite of weird stares and odd comments is a guy worth being seen with.
I quite like the design of this skirt. It looks like its probably made out of better fabric than most women's skirts offered at H&M (men's clothing typically has better fabrics). It's a clean, classic design too. It might be a men's skirt but if it sells in the Midwest (doubtful), I'll be trying it on.
H&M's spring look book is also featuring lovely, bright oranges and harem pants for men. What do you think of skirts (and even harem pants) for men? Would you wear them?


Jael Paris said...

My husband wears a kilt in the summer. Personally, I think men who wear pants in warm weather are suffering for the sake of fashion. Oh yes, I went there.

mara said...

Jael Paris, your husband is doing right. I love to see my husband in skirts, too

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Stefonknee Wolscht said...

I push the femme man image everyday. Is it hard to take negative comments day after day? Well ya they get tiresome. So when I've had enough and want to get even I'll lift my skirt while standing at a urinal in a busy bathroom, let out a loud sigh and roll my eyes at any hater gawkers. I love freaking out rednecks. Would I do it in a prison... not yet, but then again I'm not in prison. lol ((((hugs)))) Stefonknee Wolscht