Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A lot of colour for a Browne

A few months ago I touched on the, er, adventurous foray into meggings (the aptly named male legging), with a few off hand comments made about the "dangers" of feminizing men's fashion in such an absurdest ways that I never thought I'd meet a rebuttal in the form of anything less than Eddie Izzard.

Ah, but for the plans of mice, men and meggings, there are designers like Thom Browne.

A designer by way of his early days with Club Monaco, themselves under the monolith of respectable menswear, Ralph Lauren, and deservedly celebrated, Browne has made a name for himself by redefining the art of casual class. His latest project though is far afield, as seen this October with the release of his imaginative 2010 collection.

Bridging the age old gap between mens and womens style has always been a leap of faith into a dark pit for the male, where we can't see the other side, and the ledge we're jumping for may actually be in the next chasm over (unlike women, who had the foresight to bring a few flashlights and a collapsable footbridge). A heaping pile of misdirection have been required for anyone setting this particular scene in the past, such as Glam and Hair rock's macho posturing in eyeliner and jaguar tights, two examples of "fuck you-ship" that rather than being met with shock and disapproval, would today run up against a mighty wall of "so?" and "who cares?", among other comments.

The modern world requires a subtle touch for such a crossing to work.

Vanguard of the revolution against the convenience of pockets

Mssr. Browne, to his credit, has created a whole new look. I'm just not sure if mature-male-as-school-girl is necessary whatsoever. And that's the best design out of the collection. The rest serves up a steady helping of operatic polkadot pant suits glittery beach caps with built in night vision goggles.

Not that it's all bad. Lose the cap and that's not a bad cardigan and tie combination, and you've gotta dig the leather jacket and reds (sans lips) our friend in the skort is wearing.

If only someone would get him some pants.

Images care of Fabulon


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