Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the winner is...

Glitz, glam, gowns, and the ruthless combat between designers and critics where the only casualty is the lady-in-question's style are the typical fair for the Academy Awards... unless you're the good folks at Out magazine.

Seizing on the sad fact that live-commenting the men on the red carpet this and pretty much any other year is an exercise in the mundane, Out has fashioned a what-if of leading fellas dressed in the best spring/summer has to offer.

While George Clooney, Jeff Bridges and Woody Harrelson are passable in some pretty oddball styles (Woody in a skirt? It's almost too perfect...), Matt Damon in Zucchelli and Christoph Waltz in Galliano steal the show.

Of course, it's wishful thinking. For chaps, the Oscars have always been a penguin affair.


Photo source Yahoo Movies and Out Magazine

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