Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Katty on the runway

There are a few designers that we here at Bloke believe to be of such concentrated creative insanity, that to not watch as they pass by is to embrace the inky bitterness of self-imposed blindness.

Vivienne Westwood is their queen.

Easily the most talented member of the fashion collective/experiment/freak out that spawned the Sex Pistols, English punk fashion, and through a sad 30 year long journey of cultural twists and marketing turns, Avril Lavigne, Westwood has amazed, frightened, and sexually frustrated audiences around the world with styles that usually defy any sense at all, despite being perfect. Without her, there is little doubt the 70's polyester hell would have carried on long into the late 1980's.

That someone would throw a stuffed cat at her during the finale of her Paris show on Friday makes all the sense it ever needs to.

Photo source Reuters

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