Thursday, June 11, 2009

He's the other man...

Thank god (Allah, Buddha, Jebus and the bartender) for the Atlantic delay. I speak of course of the perplexing month(s) long wait for anything published across the pond in jolly old England (those of you keeping score may have noticed a trend...), which must be shepherd over the big blue wet thing on a one man dingy powered by sheer will and a lazy current.

An Other Man's Spring and Summer style guide is finally here, and as I said, thanks for the delay, otherwise I would have completely missed out on snagging a copy. An Other Man, by the publishers of An Other and Dazed & Confused (excellent publications of repute) hits selves bi-annually with the designers collections, and rarely disappoints. Though I'd sooner turn to Dazed/Confused for articles and interviews, Another Man is essential for the Style Guide included with the issue (and how could you say anything bad about a magazine that follows up a near inch thick copy with a "free" guide, itself worth the price of admission?) that features the near-entire line of men's collections on only the twiggiest of male models.

Sadly, no matter how hard I wish upon the full spectrum of stars in the night sky, I can't find any of the images from the magazine online, aside from the cover... so here's my favorite design this year from Dolce and Gabbana instead.

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