Friday, June 5, 2009

No school like the old school

I must admit, I've been looking forward to this article for quite some time, but was never sure just how to get the ball rolling. I first came across the site/community/magazine a few years ago through a '7 shades of Kevin Bacon' esq wander through wikipedia, beginning with Joey Ramone and ending with The Chap.

As they may have put it better in their "manifesto" than I ever could:
The Chap proposes to take a stand against this culture of vulgarity. We must show our children that the things worth fighting for are not the latest plastic plimsolls but a shiny pair of brogues. We must wean them off their alcopops and teach them how to mix martinis. Let the young not be ashamed of their flabby paunches, which they try to hide in their nylon tracksuits - we shall show them how a well-tailored suit can disguise the most ruined of bodies. Finally, let us capitalise on youth's love of peculiar argot Ð only replace their pidgin ghetto-speak with fruity bons mots and dry witticisms.
Launched in 1999, The Chap out of England is part sartorial satire and statement, mixing critical humour about the state of modern fashion (well, Chavs really) and youth with snappy style and Gatsbian sensibilities.

Sadly, the publication was recently threatened, like many during the recession, with having to neatly fold their Arrow collars and close up shop. Though they seem to be out of the woods now, for the most part, I urge you to hop on by the site and show your support (I'm sure they'd love monetary donations, but a little publicity probably helps just as well).

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Jael Paris said...

That's so many levels of fabulous, I cannot even count them.