Thursday, June 18, 2009

Older than dirt but twice the thread count

So you think you're the vintage king of your little corner of Bohemia? Let me tell you my friend, while you're wallowing in your 60's and 70's hand me down charm from your parents and grandparents, Defunkd is rocking the old school so hard, I could have sworn I saw Buddy Holly, Richy Valens and the Big Bopper shopping around for carry on luggage.

From classic trainers (back when they were used for, you know, sports) and Hawaiian shirts, to oddities you (I) never would have considered wearing, like the below featured 50+ year old prison jacket, plus a massive section of ebay-available t-shirts for the guys and gals, Defunkd delivers the unexpected.

"You bett'r not git shank holes in dem shirts boy" the imposing chain gang guard shouted, petting his shotgun and smelling oddly of his sister, "that there's haute couture"

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Jimmy J said...

thank you kindly!