Monday, July 13, 2009

The shirt off my back

Back after a week of sun, fun, and a summer flu that saw me log more hours dead in bed than during all of college, so we'll be looking to take it slow on the road to recovery... which just means two for one Tuesdays are in effect.

First, big shout out to the good folks over at T-Shirt Alert, who despite being slower at updating their articles than I am, have hours of archive material and links for days, to interest any t-shirt aficionado.

Secondly, more democratic designs, though sadly many of them rubbish, can be found at T Shirt Countdown, who turn to the vox popular to determine what's in and what's out of their catalog. Nothing mind-blowingly fantastic, but sites like this bubble with far too much potential to avoid (and are great places for habitual rack-divers to get their fix far from the hustle and bustle of Winners).
I'm not saying it's a good design
I'm just saying they sell it

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