Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Links

Thanks to Paris over at our sister site Fashion Me Fabulous for dropping it in one with with this brilliant redesign of the only accessory a man truly ever needs; a vintage leather caddy bag courtesy of Etsy.

Golf has always had it's own ideas about style over the years, with little regard for how they look to the uninitiated or the colour coordinated. Until a few years ago, saying "golf" and "style" anywhere in the same breath/sentance/paragraph/multi-volume series would have led to at most a chorus of laughter, at least a chuckle or two.

Except for this guy. He's my new hero

Tiger's distinct red & black outfits saved the sport from itself, bringing a boardroom casual atmosphere to the one place many go to escape work. The downside of course being that looking sharp at the links can hold all the excitement of baking pies in a snow bank (that is, not even considerable).

Don't forget to check out the other brilliant luggage and bag designs in the collection.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tee off in 5.

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marcus veyera said...

Except for this guy. He's my new hero. lol i <3 that!