Friday, November 25, 2011

Garish but gold

Today we hop on over to Sneaker Freaker to drool over the kind of ridiculous shoes-for-dudes that you'd sooner frame above a mantle than wear out-and-about.

Behold, Pierre Hardy's POWERAMA, a fantastic homage to to work of famed and acclaimed artist Roy Lichtenstein.

I'm a massive fan of Lichtenstein's work throughout the 60's, and while I am impressed and interested in this shoe-I'd-never-wear (fair comment, most of the site is a bit on the gaudier side then what we usually deal with here, but fine art bre

aks down all walls) I'd gladly pay double (eep!) if they read WHAM! rather than POW!

But at 500 pairs worldwide, and none available in Canada, that's just the semantics of artistic taste.

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