Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'll take two please, and a sewing kit

"You maniacs! You blew it up!"


Once in a great while, something truly incredible, something stupendous...something utter beyond the previous scope arrives on the fashion scene, and makes you do one of three things: spend every cent in your possession, stare in utter disbelief, or wretch.

The good (questionable) people at Hot Topic have pushed the bar down the street, around the corner, and off a pier into the harbour, with the release (at some point previously) of the One Legged Pant.

Just let that name sink into the squishier parts of your brain before click through to the link. Let your mind try and develop it's own idea of what that could mean Normal pants, missing one leg? Maybe it's not literal, but a comment on how the pants are made, or can sometimes appear? Maybe it's a comment on how much fabric was used, only half that of a normal pair of pants!

They are none of those.
The One Legged Pants, which you will notice actually SOLD OUT at some point, are in fact a clever ruse, a cunning disguise meant to trick the male mind into, *gasp*, crossdressing!

Yes, it's a skirt. A maxi skirt, to be precise, like the kind girls used to wear in the 90's, except with some zippers and belts, to dude it up (apparently). In my humble opinion, that's like spitting in the desert; a skirt is a skirt, no matter how you attempt to masculinize it, because that's the history and culture we're stuck with. If a guy wants to wear one, there's nothing wrong with that, but I have issue with Hot Topic's apparent sly attempt at re-branding the garment in such a ridiculous fashion to sell more product.

It's almost as if the designers at HT are TRYING to get awkward high school kids beaten up and laughed at, if not for wearing a skirt (with buckles!), then for trying to explain to their bully/teachers/parents/other general public that it is in fact JUST a pair of one legged pants, and that you should stop picking on them.

What's you game, Hot Topic?


becca said...

Wow. A one-legged pant, huh?

Actually, I had this exact skirt in high school. They sold it at Delia's and called it a cargo skirt.

Michael Alexander said...

Exactly, this is just a rehash at best, a swindle of the foolish men-at-hand at worst.