Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday morning "whaaa?"

There's something to be said about how subjective this work is. Of course, fashion is just another word for trending (or rather, the other way around) and what's trending is typically up to a few clouty (or should I say Klout-y?) individuals who use their expertise in media and marketing to make us pay more attention to this over that.

It's all very elementary, I know.
But sometimes, you need to be reminded that in the end, this is all subjective, and when "the best" comes along, it's 'best' to remember what Penn and Teller had to say; the best, is bullshit.

This week, the magazine that I work for (whose articles are behind a pay wall, so sorry, no linkies) ran a counter-comment to the Boston Globes Best Dressed Bostonians list. Why would we do this, living a few hundred miles away and in another country? Because of a man named Brad Marchand, who would otherwise never be seen in the style pages if not for the Globe's choice of flare.

Brad is a local boy, from a part of the city just down the road called Hammond's Plains. He grew up, made good on the Canadian dream, and now plays hockey for the Bruins down south. Here we call him the Whizzer, due much in part to his habit of getting drunk in public and looking ridiculous in the resulting photos (many of which show him NOT wearing various articles of clothes, far from the best dressed at the party).

Brad, fashion icon

Regardless, someone at the Globe took a good look, and said "yes, that makes sense, put him down for an award, I like his look". Then they filled it out with a few photos in which he's wearing a shirt and seemingly stable.

Just a nice little reminder to never take fashion, or the fashionistas, at face value. Take a look behind the curtain at what's sitting around the floor of the change closet before assuming that we (collectively) know what we're talking about.

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