Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shill for the big boys

As a dude in the fashion world, it is a general rule that anything that makes my job, that is helping other fellas look stylish (a Herculean task in these trying times of Jersey Shore), any easier is my friend, comrade and quite possibly lover.

The Collection by the New York Times is the first two. TC is the newest fashion and style app released by the Times to showcase the latest in vogue trends and wearable whatsits.

Yes, it suffers from the same male-deficiency as most such guides, focusing almost entirely on the ladies, but what's new there? The men-centric content they do deliver is well worth wading through the womanesq, and I for one have high hopes for the future of this portable potent.

(be ware, the link opens to Apple's iTunes store)

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