Thursday, November 10, 2011

H&M Update: Lazy, lazy journalists

The local "respectable" print journal ran an article today announcing the new line from H&M I talked about yesterday. The piece, plucked from the AP wire, extols the virtues of Madame Versace's designs, and hints at how this couture would help us typically dull Canadians spruce up our look and lives (okay, so a bit of reading into it). Not mentioned, either in the article, the paper's website, or as a editor's note anywhere, is that our local H&M (as in, where those reading this paper would assume they could purchase these products) would not be carrying the line, set to be released November 19th.

Since yesterday, I've attempted to contact the H&M regional office for comment, but haven't been able to get anywhere. But at least, unlike the CH, I tried.

Further updates soon.

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