Wednesday, November 9, 2011

H&M trods on the East Coast

I'll be the first to admit that, on occasion, living on the (nearly) very Eastern coast of Canada can be problematic. Most of the best contemporary bands and musicians, aside form the home grown, avoid the place like the plaque, and any performers who do wander along tend not to mention their upcoming Halifax stops, for fear possibly that it will contaminate the rest of their tour (I'm looking at you Kevin Smith).

Essentially, if something doesn't arrive here either late or damaged, then it's not going to show up at all.

When pseudo-haute store H&M opened their doors in Halifax a few years ago, the fashion savvy in the city went a wee bit gaga. I know I did. "Holy shit, now I can look like people from Toronto! Finally, my feelings of inadequacy, vanishing thanks to this cheap pair of slave-laboured jeans!"

That scarf I told you about last time? It's from H&M, as well as two of my three favorite jackets. But just what kind of quality are we really talking about here? Was that scarf overly-long because it was designed that way? Or is it a defect? Unsellable in other markets, tossed East in the knowledge that we're all a bit starved for the styles we see on the moving picture box, beamed from Central Canada nightly.

Today the store announced over twitter that their new line would be released in the coming weeks, arriving at stores across Canada on the 19th... unless you live in Halifax, that is.

Don't worry H&M, we're getting used to being ignored.

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